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Introduction to GDC – Remote Display Control with Integrated APIX®

Built on the 2D SEERIS™ graphics IP core and the high speed APIX® interface from Inova, the GDC family enables highly optimized and cost attractive solutions for a broad range of remote display uses.
The high-performance 2D SEERIS™ graphics core is an in-house development from Socionext and tailored to the specific needs of automotive and industrial systems.

APIX® is a high speed SERDES link technology developed by Inova Semiconductors. It is a point-to-point link empowering the simultaneous transmission of uncompressed video and additional control/Ethernet data bidirectional. The APIX® has reached a mature state and is now being shipped in its second generation.

The MB86R91 communication and video bridge merges standardized consumer and automotive interfaces into one single chip. This provides a cost optimized solution to drive multiple remote displays from one single SoC using APIX® technology.

Comparison Table

Additionally all devices within the GDC family offer a rich set of peripherals for complete versatility.

GDC, Sprite Engine, Integrated APIX® Phy, Signature Unit (ASIL B)

  • MB88F332DAPMC-GSE2
  • MB88F333DAPMC-GSE2

GDC, 2D SEERIS™ Graphics IP Core , Integrated APIX2® Phy, 2 Signature Units (ASIL B)

  • MB88F334PMC-GSE2
  • MB88F336PMC-GSE2

APIX2 Communication and Video Bridge

  • MB86R91BGL-GSE1

Roadmap – Graphics Display Controllers and Video Bridges based on SEERIS™ and APIX® technology


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