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Drones – A very Short Life!

Drones – A very Short Life!

Drones buzzing around all day doing nothing much but drinking nectar, waiting to mate and then die! You would think that, with their five eyes, if they saw a Queen Bee coming towards them they would fly off quick knowing that once they have mated that’s it!

Bees can see movement in any direction but their eyes don’t form a clear image, and, if everything holds still then it has a real problem.

Now, if they had Socionext’s new Milbeaut® Image Processor built in maybe they would stand a chance. Designed with Drones in mind – the electronic kind – the SC2000 is an eighth-generation version of the Milbeaut® Image Processors. Its features are impressive and include: 360° vision, real-time panorama stitching with four cameras, image stabilization without mechanical gimbals, rolling shutter correction, high performance and low power consumption.

Just think what the Drone Bee could do with these features!

Back to the electronic drones and the Image Processor, which, by the way is the most advanced and full featured 4K product available today. There are more and more requirements for drones and action cameras with high speed processing of increased image data at low power an essential requirement. As is high definition picture quality. This latest Milbeaut® Image Processor processes images at the rate of 1.2 gigapixels per second, three times that of previous processors while power consumption is only 1.7 watts in typical operating conditions. This Processor incorporates Socionext’s advanced image-processing algorithm with a video-codec function built in which enables the highest image quality as well as several video interfaces.

A truly impressive Image Processor

The next time you hear a drone buzzing around, spare a thought for the poor drone bee flying around waiting to mate and if they don’t manage to mate by the end of the summer they are kicked out of the colony so that they don’t drain the resources. Just think of its possibilities with this Processor built-in! Also remember, the next time you have a bee land on you, hold still and it won’t sting you.

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