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Compensation and Benefits

Our salary system includes fixed components that are reviewed once a year as part of the annual performance review. Each member of staff also has a variable pay portion (bonus), which is adjusted twice a year in line with goal achievement. This bonus plan takes into account both SNEU’s performance overall and the person’s individual achievements.

We evaluate and benchmark all of our job roles at regular intervals, not only to guarantee fairness and transparency but also to ensure that we have attractive remuneration packages exceeding industry standards. Within our European organisation, package contents vary according to local markets. An overview for Germany is given below.

  • Pension programmes
    We offer our employees a direct insurance policy after one year’s service.
  • Capital accumulation plans
    We contribute to individual savings plans
  • Length of service payments
    Employees receive a bonus on their 10th, 20th and 25th anniversary with the company
  • Commuting allowance
    Contribution to the cost of the work commute for employees without a company car
  • Restaurant cheques
    Distributed to all staff, the cheques can be used in designated canteens, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.
  • Special occasion payments
    We acknowledge meaningful moments in our employees’ private lives with special bonuses for weddings, the birth of a child, etc.
  • eThankYou rewards
    eThankYou mails can be sent company-wide to recognize outstanding commitment. The employee’s supervisor receives a copy and decides whether to grant a financial bonus on a case-by-case basis.
  • …other schemes
    E.g. risk insurance against accidents or chronic illness

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