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How to Apply

How should I apply?

There are two ways to apply. We’d prefer you to use our online tool if you can – this is also the fastest and easiest way to apply. If you can’t use the tool, you can also send your documents by post. All applications will naturally be handled fairly and in the strictest confidence.

Which documents should be included with my application?

To avoid further enquiries, we look forward to receiving your complete application. This should include the following: a covering letter, your CV, all relevant school and university exam certificates, and any work references you may have. If using the online tool, please upload these documents on the relevant screen (PDF or Word format, max. 2 MB per upload).

What is SNEU looking for in particular?

We value a good overall impression. Your application documents should include all of your certificates, and the grades they document should be of a high quality. You should also include a competently-written letter that highlights your relevant professional knowledge, your job experience and your strengths.

How will my application be handled?

First, we contact you to acknowledge the receipt of your application. The next step is a detailed review of your application. Please understand that this process takes a certain amount of time. Once complete, we will then contact you as quickly as possible, either to invite you to an interview or to inform you that you have not met the requirements for a particular job. If your qualifications are of interest to us but there is no appropriate vacancy, we are happy to keep your application on file for consideration for future positions (we also require your permission to retain your data).

What is the selection process like at SNEU?

As a first step, we like to get to know you in person at a face-to-face interview. These interviews are conducted by experts from the specialist department and HR. We are usually in a position to make a decision right after the first interview.

Does SNEU reimburse interview costs?

We reimburse second-class rail travel within Germany (ticket stubs must be retained as proof). We reimburse the same amount if you drive to your interview.

Whom can I contact if I have any further questions about applying to SNEU?

Please feel free to contact a member of our HR team.

Which disciplines are of the most interest to SNEU?

We will typically be looking for people with a background in engineering, computing (e.g. electronics, mechatronics, industrial engineering and computer science), microelectronics or physics.

Will I receive any help in finding an apartment?

If working for our company requires you to move house, then we’ll be happy to provide you with accommodation during your first month of employment. We also pay allowances for real-estate agency fees and the cost of moving with your family.

Do you offer paid internships?

Yes. As an intern, you’ll be paid a monthly wage during your internship (usually lasting three to six months) and also receive restaurant vouchers.

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